Antigravity club is a state of art, bespoke members only training club. We offer personal training at the most elite level to our members.
Antigravity Club promotes goal focused training programs based on individual needs initiating a performance driven lifestyle.

At Antigravity Club, we understand every individual is unique and has different goals from one another. We aim to provide a holistic experience for our members in terms of guiding them with personalized nutritional plans and tailor made workouts.

Every Session at the club is a personal training session where each member is allocated a trainer for the session he/she comes in for. Every workout is personally curated for the member combining all aspects/the most effective aspects of fitness, keeping in mind the members goal.

At the club, there are only limited spots per session, i.e We do not accommodate more than 6 to 7 members during a single time slot.


Weight Training

Strength & Conditioning

Bodyweight & Calisthenics

Functional Training

HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training]

Sports Specific Training for Athletes


Group Classes (Vault)