45 Minutes of adrenaline rushing through your veins ! Welcome to “THE VAULT”, where we bring together 3 unique group classes that cater to high intensity formulas of training


A combination of Strength ,boxing and conditioning within a 45 minute window. ‘Locked in’ provides a full body HIIT experience set in a ‘nightclub’ atmosphere with lights and music running the show along with you


Our unique ‘glute’- focused lower body group class brings together both the strength and conditioning side of the fitness world. Expect going back home with your ‘booty’ burning.


BARs is a calisthenics (bodyweight-driven) class. It combines all aspects of bodyweight training, teaching you the right skill to achieve a bodyweight pull up or dip etc. This is primarily an upper body focused class, expect your upper body to be left torched after the class.

On entering “The Vault”, your mind, body, and soul is ours for the next 45 minutes. We will transform you, we will elevate you, we will lift your level of fitness, and challenge your own benchmarks. At “The Vault”, we are a “tribe”.

We have gone into granular detailing, which includes our trainers, the interiors, & the vibe of the tribe!

We are known for our creativity & innovation in terms of programming workouts & training concepts.

We are what the city is missing – Making fitness a demanding experience & a journey rather than an obligation!

ENTER THE VAULT, we are waiting to welcome you with our army, and discover Mumbai’s worst kept secret!