You vs You :

Our 30 day challenge is suitable to all whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced & does not require equipment.

Workouts can be done at your own time and convenience.

Once you have signed up to the challenge – You will be added on to a Whatsapp group along with a few others from the challenge (20-30 people max). The group is created for Antigravity Coaches to track your progress and help out with queries in terms of nutrition, training and lifestyle

Also, DAILY we share a workout along with the video demos on how to do the exercises. These are also shared on the whatsapp groups.

The whole purpose of this challenge is to achieve a healthier, fitter, stronger you with whatever tools you have.

We’re simplifying fitness and nutrition by giving you nutritional guidelines, tips, dos and don’ts, etc to enhance your lifestyle throughout these 30 days.

Online Whatsapp Training :

Once you’ve signed up you will be added on to a private whatsapp group along with the owners of Antigravity (Yudi, Karan & Sid) along with an Antigravity Personal Coach who will be dedicated towards your training and nutrition while you are on the program.

We aim to convert every client to a friend so we can understand their lifestyle and help in guiding them towards better decision making.

There will be a questionnaire initially, that would be required to answer in order for the Personal Coach to customize tailor made workouts as per the client’s needs and goals.

All workouts created are specifically for your body type and towards your goals. Our Personal Coach will be in charge of tracking and accountability in terms of your nutrition and progress.