Workout FAQ’s

You will receive 3 workouts daily. The types of workout you would receive  everyday would be different. These are the types of workout to expect:

  1. Full Body
  2. Lower Body
  3. Full Body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  4. Upper Body
  5. Core

This would vary from person to person. On an average expect to burn  anywhere between 400 to 600 calories. However other factors to be considered are:

  • Your body composition
  • The effort put into each workout by you

No, you do not need any equipment or prior experience at all. However, if you have any doubts you can contact us.

Yes, a fitter you is a better you. These workouts will improve your fitness levels if done consistently and diligently, which in turn will lead to a better immune system.

However, nutrition and sleep have to go hand in hand with the workout in order to maximize the full benefit.

Yes, in the workout video which we will share with you, we will demonstrate dynamic warm ups that must be done before the workout.

Yes, stretching has shown to be beneficial and helps to reduce muscle soreness. In the workout videos, we will be demonstrating effective stretching exercises that you can do after your workout.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. These workouts are designed to make you healthier, fitter and stronger.

We highly recommend you to follow our nutritional and lifestyle guidelines to reap the maximum benefits from the ‘You v You’ workouts. At the end of the day, no one can out train a bad diet.