Our products are developed to meet varying customer demands, which currently calls for converting logs into sawn timber, plywood and veneer. The group has timber production facilities for our downstream products which are located in Malaysia and China. Wood residue from our plywood and sawn timber operations are converted into panel products such as fibreboard and door facings. In addition, some of the wood residue are used as fuel for the generation of electricity in our power plants. The natural resource we manage is precious, and we make every effort to maximise the use and optimise the value of our resources.

Effort is also being put in to produce value-added products, such as flooring products, doors and furniture. The increased distribution networks offer synergistic advantages to the group as we aim to capture a bigger market share in wood and flooring products, as well as introduce the group’s other products for sale to new and existing markets through these distribution channels.

The supply of logs in our manufacturing plants are mainly from our own forest concessions. In addition to these, logs from our plantation will be used in the future.