Inovar Floors is one of the leading global flooring companies headquartered in Malaysia that has a formidable presence in India for over a decade now. The company offers a range of international flooring and decking solutions to the Indian consumers at economic prices. It uses the latest technology to for production of its world class flooring solutions for longer durability and attractive looks.

Shivshankar K. R. – MD, Inovar Floors India Pvt. Ltd. speaks to Neeta Chhatwani about the flooring trends in this festive season.

Which product segment do you expect to perform well during this festive season?

The demand for Laminates and Vinyl is expected to stay high as they go into residential renovation segment. So we are expecting these two products to do well in the festive season.

What flooring trends do you foresee in 2018?

I believe that we would see more of engineered woods and high-end laminates, as there are new laminate products that have entered the market. Registered embossed surface laminate look very much like natural wood. With price coming under pressure, developers would like to look at something which looks like wood but without compromising on the quality. This would eventually affect the end consumers. The client would prefer something which looks good, something which is more natural and resembles engineered wood.

Global trends for bamboo flooring suggest an increase, do you see that happening here in India?

Yes we are definitely doing much better in bamboo segment than two years back. Bamboo floors are doing well and we expect that to go up mainly because it is environmental friendly product and it is a pretty tuff floor.

Is environmental consciousness leading consumer preference shifting towards bamboo flooring?

People certainly are getting aware about environmental issues. They are looking for products that do not lead to depletion of natural resources hence increasing number of people are considering eco-friendly products; especially well-travelled Indians would prefer bamboo. Environmental consciousness is leading to a boost for the demand for bamboo flooring.

ow has your personal journey with Inovar been so far?

My association and the journey along with the brand has so far been a brilliant one. It has been a great challenge to establish the brand when the markets have been slow and sluggish, and going down over the last three to four years due to the slowdown that the real estate industry has been undergoing.  Hence in that context it has been a great challenge building the brand and business in such an environment.