decking option for your homes. It has a dazzling wood surface that generates a natural look. The product is highly resistant to wear and tear. NatureDeck is enriched with special wood 3D effect that came into life through an etching process that gets developed through years of research.

This 3D nature wood product has been designed with quality and also backed by it. It is an exquisite WPC decking product that looks fabulous and even more natural than its competitors.

Here are some important factors that would guide you in purchasing this signature decking product with confidence.

Naturedeck is resistant to cracks

The Naturedeck product has been engineered through an exclusive extrusion technology. It is designed to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions. It even resists moisture. Its structure is compellingly stable to resist natural wood defects like cracking and warping.

The product is termite-free

Do you want to experience the glistening look and feel of a natural wood surface without the concern of termite infection and decay? Your desired choice should be Naturedeck since it is composed of wood and plastic composite lumber that combats the appearance of termites and preserves the shininess of the product. It also makes Naturedeck more durable than its counterparts.

No Splinters on Naturedeck

It is essential to keep the surface of the deck completely even. It provides comfort to your feet especially when you are walking or standing. Naturedeck is recommended since it does not warp, bend or splinter like traditional timber decking. This transfers safety to the deck providing a soothing walking experience to your foot.

Naturedeck will save your time and money on maintenance

The NatureDeck wood surface is crafted with the help of advanced German technology. It is an easily cleanable product. It is long-lasting and durable. Like traditional timber decking, you might not require oils and stains to apply.


The product comes with 150 mm width and 2900 mm length alongside having 21mm thickness. It has a 3D NatureWood surface. It has a T-Gap locking profile with zero capped layer. Its core structure is square hollow.

How to get the product warranty?

InovarDeckshield products are covered under INOVAR Global Product Warranty that helps you in opting for their flooring products without giving a second thought.