• What is kalingastone Quartz?

    Kalingastone Quartz is 4th hardest material on earth after diamond. Quartz rates 7 out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. It has the appearance and feel of natural quartz but with better performance thanks to its high resistance, and comes in an extensive range of colors, designs, sizes, thickness. It is the ideal product for kitchen countertops, floors, walls and all kinds of indoor surfaces that have to withstand intensive use.

  • What is the process to manufacture kalingastone Engineered Marble and Engineered Quartz?

    Kalingastone Engineered Marble is essentially a mixture of natural marble powder, combined with colour pigments and resins, molded and compressed. It is produced in the form of blocks and then sawed into slabs from the blocks. Kalingastone Engineered Quartz is manufactured through a process that combines natural quartz with a small volume of polyester resin and colour pigments, then compressed to create a quartz slab of desired thickness.

  • Where can I buy Kalingastone Marble and Quartz products?

    You can purchase Kalingastone Marble and Quartz through our dealers and showrooms across India. For details, check the Distributor List or Contact Us. Alternatively you can leave an inquiry through the inquiry form on our website.

  • Can I use Kalingastone Engineered Marble and Quartz for external application?

    Kalingastone Engineered Marble products are recommended for facades. Kalingastone is not only a flooring option, it can be used in cladding as well.It gives the designers variety of options in various finishes thus making it a preferred choice in facades.

  • Is it safe to prepare food on Kalingastone quartz countertop?

    Kalingastone’s anti-microbial formula makes it highly resistant to microbial growth. It has been certified as food grade and it is perfectly safe to prepare food on its surface. Kalingastone quartz is NSF certified, which makes it food safe. Besides, quartz is non-porous by nature and is ideal material for hygienic kitchen countertops.

  • Is Kalingastone heat, scratch and stain resistant?

    Though Kalingastone is highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains; like most surfacing products; exposure to excessive heat could possibly damage the surface in the long run. We recommend the use of hot pads to protect the surface from heated cookware.

  • Is it okay to chop vegetables directly on Kalingastone quartz Countertop?

    Kalingastone is extremely robust and highly scratch resistant, but no countertop material is entirely scratch proof. We recommend use of a cutting board to chop vegetables, and avoid using sharp objects directly on the surface.

  • If I remodel my kitchen countertop with Kalingastone Quartz, will it be seamless?

    Kalingastone Quartz is not a seamless product; seams are generally visible. Inspection for color coordination across seams and multiple pieces is strongly recommended.

  • What is the ideal size while installing Kalingastone marble on the floor?

    The standard size of kalingastone slab is 3 mtrs X 1 mtrs. Kalingastone marble slab of minimum 18 mm thickness can be cut in minimum 2 equal pieces and if the thickness is lesser than 18 mm, slabs to be cut in 3 pieces. In case of 12 mm thickness, keep maximum size of 2’X2′

  • What is the standard thickness of Kalingastone marble?

    Kalingastone marble is available in a standard thickness of 20 mm, but we produce the stone in 12/15/18 and 20 thickness

  • Is kalingastone marble re-polishable?

    Yes, Kalingastone marble is re-polishable